Q. Without giving away any top secrets, I'm amazed how the main model can calculate those VP prices - - it seems the market is attracted to those exact prices all the time. How can it do that all the time?

A. Great question. The main model formula is specifically designed to determine precisely and to the exact market price where the market is most likely to reach complete buying and/or selling exhaustion, there is no guessing about it. This is why the market almost always backs away from those VP points after reaching them, at least for 10 to 12 points before resuming the trend... also, at those VP points, the market is the most vulnerable to a legitimate trend change. Therefore, when the market trades through those VP points and then backs away and closes on the other side of it again, there is a very high likelihood of a trend reversal at that time... these VP point are like magnets, they pull and attract the price until the VP is reached, and then upon reaching the VP it then reverses polarity and repels price... at that point, the market can back away and confirm a new trend signal or return to the VP and resume the original trend... this is where the main model determines the buy and sell confirmation prices...

Q. How do I overcome the fear of buying on a new buy signal when the market has already rallied so much?

A. This is also a very excellent question, and many people have the same concern. Truly, it makes no difference how much the market may have already rallied before reaching a new signal confirmation price... realize that the main model is specifically designed to detect the most subtle changes in market trend... so, if a new signal confirmation price is reach even after a long market move, it should be treated as if the market is only first beginning a new trend direction... this is the difference between a pull back in an up trend and a legitimate new down trend beginning at that confirmation point, this is why the signal is only confirmed on the close... legitimate new down trends do not occur at the top tick in an ongoing up trend, they only occur after the market has already sold off some distance... at some point, it is no longer an up trending pull back but the very beginning of a new down trend, and that is where the main model sell confirmation price would be... therefore, those new signals should be taken without fear of worry...



WOW!!!  You did it again!!!  Your newly optimized trading portfolio is worth all the gold in the world!!!  It's so easy to follow, I made more money this past month following your optimized portfolio than I made all last year!!!  Thank you so much!!!

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Dude! Kudos to you. You stinking machine. This week you have turned it up! It has been a good week.  We have rode one wave after another down with this market. Wow. You are just plain Awesome. Many. Many Thanks.

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I'm way ahead from where I started, all due to your service.  I would have never dreamed of this 5-year rally (since 2011) if not for your model. Thank you again.

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It's a very successful model and I have thoroughly enjoyed following in these last few years. I graduated college back in 2013 and the model has allowed me to pay off my student loans, I am in your model's debt.

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So glad that you offer this service, I feel like I'm doing very well, now that I've learned some trading techniques.  Thanks for everything.

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I love your new ETF Spread picks!  Your comment today about those continuous, easy, safe profits was so true, it’s far more profitable than having one’s funds sitting in cash doing nothing.  Thanks for giving us such clear and easy to trade, real-time Main Model Signals !!

- - J.F. from Houston, Texas

Thank you for the timely updates. Your attentiveness and communication skills are greatly admired and appreciated.  Thank you.

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Let me express my respect and gratitude for your hard work, community spirit, and skill in investing.

- - P.T. from Los Angeles, California

An amazing model you have been blessed with. I left early afternoon Wednesday to get ready to celebrate New Year’s after clearing out of all longs and taking a short position Monday afternoon.  I checked the market later and saw the drop and again praise your model for its uncanny ability to predict the pivots in the market!  Happy New Year!

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Love your updates and your subscription service! Hopefully, some of your trading wisdom will rub off on me!

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You're model is awesome!  The VP points are perfect for good money management.

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I l love your model updates and your commentary.

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I am beginning to believe you have a "Frickin" arsenal you use against the evil empire that resides on Wall Street. I very much appreciate your hard work and dedication!!!!

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If I didn't follow your signals for gold, I would have completely missed this incredible rally, thank you for your wonderful service, I don't know how you do it, but I'm very glad I found you.

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I continue to be amazed at your signals, not always but very often they get hit almost seemingly to the penny!

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I really appreciate your evening comments on those charts and graphs, they help me more than I could begin to tell you.  Thank you for all your hard work.

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I've been a subscriber to you service for a long time.  I find it absolutely amazing that your work is able to predict with such a high degree of reliability the actual price and calendar turning dates.  If I didn't know any better, I would think you had a crystal ball.  Thank you for the great service.

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I look forward to the email briefings every evening.  I think they're the best navigational guide through these markets I've ever seen!  Thank you!

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I don't know how you determine your VP points, they work like magic!!!  Incredible!!!

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