If you have a particular stock, ETF, index, or any trading market instrument that you would like to see through the analysis of the LT graph, then just let me know, just send me the market symbol, I can create an LT graph for that selection and keep it on file with me to update for you later on...  

Here are two examples of what I already have on file...
This is the monthly DOW going back to 1990, that's 24 years of data...  the closing price is the price on the last day of each month including this past Friday's closing price for the current month of June...
Notice when the blue and purple, or only the blue line, crosses above and below the red line, the DOW moves at least another 500 points from that point, obviously this is significant...  also notice that while the DOW is now moving into new all time high ground, both the blue and purple lines are not moving higher...  this suggests that the DOW may now be losing steam and a correction of some significance may be near...

Here's a second LT graph...  this is a one year daily LT graph for NUGT, a popular miners ETF...  we can see the deep bottom spike for the blue line at around day 49 on the left side of this graph...  this was the beginning of a very choppy rally for this ETF moving from the mid 20's to the high 50's over a period of several months...  also, notice the blue and purple high peaks on or about day 97 that occurred in advance of the actual market top itself...  the most recent price low also corresponds to the most recent blue line triple bottom...  what this market appears to be doing is developing a very broad based bottom for a more substantial rally yet to occur...
Many thanks for your continued trust and confidence in Main Model Signals...



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  2. Your system very interesting but
    I trade Turkey Stock market İndex Yahoo code : XU100. IS
    I need trading system

    How can help me


  3. Hi
    I was keen to figure out a way to invest in SSO/SDS based on these signals.
    Being a novice investor:
    a. One challenge I face is to translate Futures prices to SSO/SDS prices, and put stop-loss on the same … any suggestions on how that can be done
    b. Is it possible for you [:-)] to translate (through a simple dashboard tracker) the EOD futures signals to SSO/SDS signals that can be executed (probably an even simpler version of the Hoban rule)

  4. If I understand your question, I don’t know if one could actually equate the SSO or the SDS prices to the futures market price… what I would suggest is that you follow the futures price itself, and when you see a buy or sell signal, then trade the SSO or the SDS based on the signal itself from the futures market… of course, if not confirmed, then don’t continue holding the position… but you’re referring to the VP equilibrium spread, then it shouldn’t matter if the signal is confirmed…

    If you want to discuss the detailed specifics of this particular strategy, please just email me directly and we can go further into the weeds with it…

    Many thanks for the great question…

  5. Hi,

    I have been looking at the PERFORMANCE HISTORY – SP 500 for 2015 and i do not see any losing trades?? WOW?? Is this history based on Main Model signals??
    I would love to be able to replicate those results.


    • This IS based on the actual Main Model Signals given to subscribers in real-time.
      You are correct, there have been no losses on any trades in 2015, but there were some in previous years (as shown).
      ALL Trades are shown in the Performance History .. even the losers.
      Nothing to hide here.

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