The Main Model provides several valuable market features which any trader or investor would want and need in his/her market timing toolbox.

The Main Model system will provide you with the following three highly valuable market timing tools:

1)  The exact price each market day above or below which a buy or sell signal is confirmed.

2)  The exact price at which point the buying or selling has become exhausted, either temporarily or completely.  This is referred to as the Vertical Price (VP).

The Vertical Price:

A vertical price (VP) is the price at which the market has reached a point of complete buying or selling exhaustion, either temporarily or longer, it is a point of maximum stretch during a rally or a decline. In a down market, there is a price where excessive selling becomes completely exhausted (at least for the meantime) and where buying is mostly likely to enter the market and begin a rally.

This vertical price is NOT a target, there is no certainty that the market will actually reach the vertical price. But, if the market in fact hits that vertical price, it is not a buy signal, it's just a warning that the market is extremely oversold and that you should expect a brisk rally from that point. The inverse is also true in an up market. Interestingly enough, the market typically turns around within a few ticks of that vertical price, so it's a highly reliable indicator. On any new buy or sell signal I will also post the new vertical price so we can watch for them in advance.

Although there's never a certainty that the market would reach any vertical price, but if/when it does, then you can expect a sharp reaction from that price about 95% of the time.

These Vertical Prices have absolutely nothing to do with gaps or trend lines or with any other technical analysis, it's a completely original phenomenon I discovered during the development of my model.

3)  The specific future calendar deadline due date for when each rally or decline is scheduled to end.  This future calendar deadline due date is reliable about 95% of the time.

Although the immediate rally or decline may not reach that given date, but the deadline due date means the current market trend will end NO LATER THAN that given calendar date.


2 thoughts on “MAIN MODEL FEATURES

    • If you lease the main model package, then you will receive the following:

      1) Personal telephone instructions on how to use and apply the main model for your own personal use,

      2) A specially created Excel program that will plot the model for you… the program would give you all the buy and sell price points for each market day, it will tell you the future calendar day for the anticipated change in each market trend, and it will tell you the price where the buying and selling becomes exhausted after each trend change…

      3) The specially created Main Model Calculator itself, a futuristic device, which I personally use to calculate the exact reverse price points and future calendar dates for the SP market…

      4) I will always be available for as long as you need for any later questions you may have regarding how to use or apply the model…

      The cost is a one time payment of $2500.00 which can be paid through PayPal…

      IMPORTANT NOTE: To obtain the daily buy and sell information for the subscription service available on this Website, I use the exact same program which is available through the lifetime leasing program … so, with the leasing program, you would not need a subscription since you would already have the main model itself for your own personal use…

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