The Main Model Signals market timing method is also available for personal use and can be obtained through our Lifetime Leasing Program.

If you lease the Main Model Signals package, then you will receive the following:

  1. Personal telephone training on how to use and apply the main model for your own personal use
  2. A specially created Excel program that will plot the model for you ... the program will  give you all of the buy and sell price points for each market day, it will tell you the precise future calendar day for the anticipated change in each market trend, and it will tell you the price where the buying and selling becomes exhausted after each trend change ... this is the same program used to determine the buy and sell points for the subscription service
  3. The specially created Main Model Calculator itself, a futuristic device, which I personally use to calculate the exact reverse price points and future calendar dates for the SP market
  4. I will always be available for any later questions you may have regarding how to use or apply the model

The cost is a one time payment of $2,500 which can be paid through PayPal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As mentioned above, this is the exact same market timing program used to determine the buy and sell points for our subscription service ... so, with the leasing program, you would have for your own personal use the exact same Main Model program for yourself.

To see the success record of this model, please look at its real-time PERFORMANCE HISTORY.

For all inquiries, please contact me.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “LIFETIME LEASING

  1. Paul, a very fine real time track record. How do I send you the $2500? I would like to continue to receive your emails, thoughtful comments often, and I can check my use of your programs against your own use of them. Can I cancel the subscription fee if I give you the $2500?

    Paul Taubr

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for your question… if you want to learn how to use and apply the main model for yourself, then I can arrange PayPal to send you an invoice for that purpose… this way, you will have the use and application for yourself without needing the email subscription… however, many individuals do both, e.g., they learn the main model application with the lifetime leasing program AND they also maintain a subscription so they can benefit from some of the additional information included in the email service, the subscription cost is the same with or without the leasing program, although when you lease the Main Model, you will also receive the email service as a complimentary service for a couple of months to ensure that you’re following the model correctly on your own… the signal confirmation prices used in the email service are derived directly from the Main Model which you would lease… but frankly, you really don’t need the email service if you have the main model application for yourself, but, again, many prefer to continue with their email service subscription beyond the complimentary few months since they want to have some additional backup as well as some of the other information included in the email service…

    I hope this was helpful, if not, then please let me know…

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