Here are those same two questions again:

1) When does a bull market pull back actually become a market top?

2) When does a bear market bounce turn into a legitimate market bottom?

Just as you're probably doing right now, I also struggled with those very same two questions for many years while trying to understand price behavior.  After many years and many tons of sweat and tears, I made two highly critical and truly astonishing discoveries about market behavior which I will share with you right now.

1) Mathematical laws and the laws of physics govern all market behavior.

2) The price charts we look at every day are spherical, not flat.  We already know the world we live in is spherical, not flat.  And that all space is curved, there are no straight lines in space.  So, why does everyone draw straight lines on the chart when measuring support and resistance?

If all market behavior is governed by the  laws of mathematics and physics as all other physical objects are, then this means that market price itself must also behave exactly the same way as any physical object traveling through time/space without the influence of gravity.  And also, that price moves through a 3 dimensional space/time sequence, and not a flat 2 dimensional chart.

The daily price charts we look at every day measures two things, i.e., price and time.  But most everyone looks at price only.  No attention, if any, is ever given to time, while  I found that the function of time is equally as important as price itself and should never be ignored or dismissed so quickly.

Time is always measured in distance.  For example, 20 feet per second, 50 miles per hour, and so on.  We even use light years to measure vast distances in deep outer space.  So, when we look at a price chart, we measure time in price and not in feet or miles, since price and distance are the same.

Since time/space is curvilinear, then as we extend a line forward in time on the daily price chart, the line itself will eventually curve back and return to the original point.  At the maximum apex of that returning curve before it actually begin its journey backward, is when a market trend is scheduled to end.  This can be measured exactly with a calendar so one can know in advance exactly on what future calendar date the current market trend is most likely to end.  While this may sound incredible and unbelievable, the Main Model does in fact provide that information, and more.

For a more detailed explanation of the feature the Main Model provides, look at the link called MAIN MODEL FEATURES.




14 thoughts on “ABOUT THE MODEL

  1. Is it possible to use your signals on ETF’s (like SPXU/UPRO)? Are your signals given for regular NYSE hours or for around the clock since ES futures are traded 24 hours (mostly)? Thanks

    • Hi Chrys,

      Yes, most definitely, you can use the ETF markets for the main model… in fact, I use those same two ETFs for my own personal stock account, e.g., the UPRO and the SPXU for the respective buy and sell signals…

      Great question, thanks for asking…

  2. Dear Sir,

    Is this futures trading? Do you have a course for beginner? Is it easy to follow if I subscribe to your service?

    I purchased Ninja trading platform, is this adequate?

    Thank you for your assistance


    • Hi Scott,
      The service we provide gives Buy and Sell Signals for the S&P-500 and for Gold.
      You can use any vehicle you want for Trading .. stocks, options, or futures.
      The Signals given, though, are based on the Models for the S&P-500 and Gold.
      Please read more About the Model.

  3. Hi Scott,

    What is available is a lifetime leasing program, it’s easy to follow and use…

    If you lease the main model package, then you will receive the following:

    1) Personal telephone instructions on how to use and apply the main model for your own personal use,

    2) A specially created Excel program that will plot the model for you… the program would give you all the buy and sell price points for each market day, it will tell you the future calendar date for the anticipated change in each market trend, and it will tell you the price where the buying and selling becomes exhausted after each trend change, these are the VP prices, both major and minor…

    3) The specially created Main Model Calculator itself, a device which I personally use to calculate the exact reverse price points and future calendar dates for the SP market each day…

    4) I will always be available for as long as you need for any later questions you may have regarding how to use or apply the model…

    The cost is a one time payment of $2500.00 which can be paid through PayPal…

    IMPORTANT NOTE: To obtain the daily buy and sell prices and dates for the subscription service, I use the exact same program which is available through the lifetime leasing program… so, with the leasing program, you would be able to calculate the market price points each day in my email service…

    You could always trade the SP and gold futures markets or the SP and gold ETF markets for the buy and sell signals and keep your stock portfolio intact… they are the SPY, SSO, or UPRO, or any other market ETF you prefer for the long positions and the SDS or SPXU for the short SP positions, and for gold you can trade the GLD, UGL, or whatever you may prefer…

    If you’re interested in this offer, then just let me know…

    Either way, thank you for your interest…

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  7. Hello,

    1) What is the % winning rate on stocks, indices, commodities, futures, forex ?
    2) What is the annual performançe in % of your system on S&P500 index ?
    3) can i have a free trial ?
    4) can one receive email alertes of your trading signals ?
    5) is this a mean reversion trading system or trend trading ?
    6) are your signals intraday or end of day? I do not have acess to markets all day.
    7) where are you based ?
    8) how easy is it to use ?

    Kind régards,


    • Hi Michael,

      You do have lots of great questions, but the answers are very simple… the main model trades only the SP or any ETF market derived from the SP, and it trades gold… you can see the performance history on the performance page… sorry, no free trials, but you can follow the daily briefings, however delayed, on this site…

      The model is designed to follow the trend and each trade can run for a few days to a few weeks, take a look at the trade entry dates in the performance history…

      I’m in the United States…

      It’s really very easy to follow, especially if you use the Hoban Rule which is specifically designed for those subscribers who are busy during the day and don’t want to monitor the market all day…

      I hope I addressed all your questions…

      Thanks for asking…


  8. Hello Paul!

    I know you’re on vacation at the moment so I’ll patiently wait for your answer till after the 22nd. I just wish to know if there’s an email address I could reach you at…thank you very much! Enjoy your holiday!

    • Hi Chris,
      I can probably answer any questrion you have about the service .. but not about the actual model.
      Feel free to post a question here for me to answer quickly .. OR .. post your email addresser for me to contact you .. OR, just wait for Paul.
      Thanks !!!

  9. Dear Paul,

    I would like to trade using your “GPS” intraday, but not having success. So I’ve been making a mistake. I’ve been trading UPRO and SPXU. I look at the Barchart.com SPM16 and compare it to the GPS. I go long or short depending on your main model call and strategy recommendation. I’m doing something very wrong. Is it that I’m not using a realtime quote? I’m intrigued when you say the Vertical Points act like a magnet. I’m not sure however if its the upper VP or lower VP or lower VP. I assume it supposed to reverse direction and not just go through the VP. I’ve not placed any significant sized orders as I.m trying to learn the right strategy.

    Thank you so much for any help.

    Murray Burke

    • Hi Murray,

      For some very odd reason I was never notified about your question, I’m so sorry for this long delay, but better late than never… I will email you so we can go over this question more privately…


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